Sky of Red Poppies

bookcoverSky of Red Poppies begins with an unusual friendship between two young women coming of age in a politically divided 1960’s Iran under rule of the Shah. As the story unfolds, the history and culture of their homeland takes on a life of its own.

“Like a picture slowly developing in the darkroom, the injustice around me became clearer with time. Forbidden thoughts grew and multiplied in my head. How many others had disappeared before her, and who would be next?”

Praise for Sky of Red Poppies:

“There are many twists and turns in Sky of Red Poppies, a book revealing a clash of cultures and abounding with intrigue, which I highly recommend.” –Dennis Moore, East County Magazine

“Sky of Red Poppies walks the reader through stretches of breath-taking an thought-provoking narrative to provide answers to Iran’s brilliant past and brutal present.” –Dr. Ahmad Karimi Hakkak, Professor of Persian Literature and Culture, University of Maryland.

“Sky of Red Poppies takes its readers on a fascinating journey through the landscapes of Iran and provides a glimpse into a far too often overlooked side of Iranian culture and history. A must read!” –Melody Moezzi, author of ”War on Error”

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