On the first day of each year, I tend to follow tradition, make a list of new year plans. And every year, like the rest of the world, I fail to keep my promise. Now older and wiser, this time I decided to first research the true meaning of the word 'resolution.' To begin my study, I consulted Merriam Webster. Meanings such as undertake, decide, and so on came as no surprise. But I was shocked to realize that I had overlooked the word’s most significant connotation, one that had a direct affect on me. Before beginning to work, I [...]

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Now What?

The Christmas lights outside continue to blink, and the tree seems relieved to have safely delivered all the gifts it had guarded. I brace myself for the time when my children will go back to their busy lives. Soon it will be the New Year, a time to reflect on what is behind us, and what we can do to improve life. Last night, after nearly two months of having abandoned CNN, we watched Fareed Zakaria’s special, “The Obama Legacy.” Great program. Wrong one for a holiday! Halfway through, I felt as sick as I had felt on November 8 [...]

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Let Me Be!

Yesterday, at a rather crowded gathering, everyone at our table was expressing their discontent over the recent news. After a while, and when I had not said a word, one of the guests asked me, “What do you think about HIM?” I gave the question some thought and responded, “I don’t!” She seemed puzzled, so she pushed, “You mean, you don’t agree with us?” I shook my head and said, “No. I mean I don’t THINK about it.” Sensing my reluctance to participate in their discussion, she seemed offended, When you have lived three centuries, you prefer the kind of [...]

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The Secret Joy of Grandparenthood

In the past few days, my thoughts of grandchildren have been more frequent than usual. No, nobody I know is expecting, and keeping an open mind, I would never count on matters that are not my choice. So, unsure of what has triggered this stream of thought, I decided to do what a writer does. Write. After two children, my husband and I figured that was all the busy life of two doctors would allow. I gave away the nursery furniture and focused on enjoying my share of motherhood, recording precious moments, and saving little memorabilia. But when Lilly was [...]

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The Moon in My Garden

Hours before the dawn of November 14, I sit at my window, watch the starless sky, and can hardly wait to see the moonset over the ocean. I am fascinated by the definition of full moon in my diverse cultures. As an Iranian, I grew up admiring its beauty and have fond memories of “moon watching” around the haystacks of my father's farms. Americans find an eeriness in full moon as it brings out the howling wolves and even evokes madness, myths that were perhaps meant to give Halloween more of a scare to celebrate. When I wrote “The Moon [...]

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School of Life

Life is a school that takes no break, and if we open our eyes and ears, each day can be a lesson. When One Book, One San Diego invited me to present my book at the Imperial Valley Campus of the San Diego State University in Calexico I accepted with pleasure. A friend, who had been there before, mentioned that it would be a long drive, but those who know me well realize that no distance can keep me away from my readers. And when someone said, “There’s nothing to see,” I smiled and reminded myself that I have to [...]

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Unforgotten Lessons

For years, attending the Santa Barbara Writers Conference was a must on my agenda, and I had three main reasons for that: Meeting masters such as Ray Bradbury and Anne Lamott, learning the art of writing, and a chance to find a literary agent. But even when Lamott classes became but a dream, and years after I had found an agent, I continued to show up at the conference. It didn’t take long to realize that my main reason for going was to hear Ray Bradbury. The attraction was strange as I seldom read science fiction, can’t understand most of [...]

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Politically Inactive

Thanks to the ugliness of the media, I’ve become an avid fan of Netflix, You tube, Hulu, and others. I do watch the BBC World News briefly to keep me updated, and sometimes listen to special reports on KPBS, but not nearly as often as I used to. Why is that, you ask? After all, as an American citizen and one whose livelihood may depend on the outcome of the upcoming election, I should remain informed, active even. But you’re forgetting one major factor; experience. I watch my son, filled with hope and rooting for his candidate – who seems [...]

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Food Victims

The saying among writers is, “Write what you know best.” Well in that case, this is breaking a major rule because here I am, someone in questionable health – not to mention a bit overweight – writing about healthy eating habits! The thought came to me before one of our casual gatherings and while I was struggling over dinner menu. The diet of my grownup children changes more frequently than I can keep track of. Is this the high protein week or the in-between high carb? Fruit, or no fruit? High-fat, or no-fat? And of course, I need to consider [...]

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The 13th/Sizdah

Today is the 13th day of the new zodiac year, and to a Persian, it marks the official end to a prolonged NoRooz celebration. As a child, I could hardly wait for all the fun and games of this day. There would be an ourdoor feast with not only the family, but also a large group of extended relatives and friends. Even though the event was more of an elaborate picnic, I call it a feast because in those days, one car would leave early in the morning with all the food and the kitchen staff, planning to spread the [...]

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