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Sky of Red Poppies Different Versions

Sky of Red Poppies

The Sky of Red Poppies

Selected for KPBS One Book 2012!

Sky of Red Poppies begins with a casual friendship between two schoolgirls coming of age in a politically divided 1960s Iran under rule of the Shah. Roya, the daughter of a prominent family, is envious of the fierce independence of her religious classmate Shireen. But Shireen has secrets of her own. As the story unfolds, the history and culture of their homeland takes on a life of its own. And as Roya and Shireen contend with becoming the women they want to be, they each begin making decisions with consequences they could have never imagined…

A novel of culture, history and the redeeming power of friendships.

“Like a picture slowly developing in the darkroom, the injustice around me became clearer with time. Forbidden thoughts grew and multiplied in my head. How many others had disappeared before her, and who would be next?”

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In Persian, available from Ketab Corporation:

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“Breathtaking and thought-provoking”

– Dr. Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak, author of A Fire of Lillies and Professor of Persian Literature and Culture, University of Maryland

“Ghahremani is that wonderful kind of writer who tells compelling stories in rich and lyrical language. Sky of Red Poppies is an illustration of her mastery of both.”


— Judy Reeves, author of A Writer’s Book of Days

“Ghahremani understands the many conditions of the human heart… Sky of Red Poppies is a compassionate story of universal truths.”


— Yvonne Nelson Perry, author of The Other Side of the Island

“Sky of Red Poppies is the moving story of relationships tested under the most stressful of human conditions, that of a repressive government. Ghahremani writes with warmth, humanity and a poet’s vision.”


— Claire Accomando, author of Love and Rutabaga

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