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Lost In Translation

A wonderful gathering, an evening with a young author, and talks that I wished would never end, have left me thinking. Once again, the author Gina Nahai succeeded to gather many book lovers, writers, and lovers of Iranian culture for an author talk by Delphine Minoui and a discussion of her memoir titled "I’m Writing You From Tehran.” Honored to be among the guests, I happily drove the long distance from San Diego to L.A., even though it would mean driving back close to midnight. For an evening so meaningful, I would do it all over again. I am currently [...]

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Celebrate the Moment

Iranians are a sentimental nation, a fact that could be used against the accusations of terrorism. Yes, we do have criminals, but what nation doesn’t? And yes, like all mankind, we become involved in a variety of wrongdoings. However, to picture the children of Hafez and Rumi capable of major terrorism, or fear their atomic destruction of the Earth they worship, is a stretch of imagination. 3,000 years of history supports my view. Each time Persia was invaded, it ended the war with embracing the enemy, its people adapted to a new language and culture, and many married the enemy [...]

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Giving Thanks

My novel Sky of Red Poppies was meant to be a legacy to my children. I wanted to take these three Americans back to the streets of their parents’ childhood, show them their roots. Little did I know that it would become a story shared around the world. KPBS changed my life. My book started as nonfiction, the true story of my best friend in high school. But as the novel developed, editors showed a keen interest in the narrator – me – and wanted her to be involved. When I told my editor that the narrator was merely an [...]

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Walking Down the Garden of Memories

We tend to associate nostalgia with a level of sadness, but when an incident takes us back to years ago, isn’t it a rare gift to be treasured? Last week, I was offered a chance to make an imaginary U-turn in the one-way road of life. When my son’s high school friend mentioned the mulberries in their orchard, I went so wild that she had no choice but to invite me over. “But come soon, as they won’t last long.” She did not need to insist because my sister and I were there the next day. As we were leaving, [...]

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On Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day, a day when most children leave everything they are doing and focus on mom. Flowers and gifts are bought, reservations are made, and so many cakes are baked! Some go out for breakfast to a crowded place where it’s hard to enjoy a meaningful conversation, some have to divide their attention between multiple moms, and like many other events, deep down most people are happy to put it behind them. Mother’s Day? Check! While I honor all moms, my view of this day happens to be a bit different. And I think I know why. We [...]

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The Light

Like many others, who are fascinated by poetry and mysticism, I am overwhelmed with the world of Rumi. Known to literature as Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, the Persian poet and Sufi is called Mowlana in the Eastern world – our master – while to the West, he is simply Rumi. Years of probing into his work have only made me realize how much I don't know because each time I read him, a new layer comes to view. At this point, I am resigned to the conclusion that his exact message may forever be lost to the world, that while [...]

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Make This World A Better Place

I don’t care what your party, your belief, or your lifestyle may be. All I know is that ever since the last election, most people seem to be going through life like a partially deflated balloon, not strong enough to soar, nor empty enough to stay grounded! Everyone is worried, scared even, and everyone hopes that some sense will be returned to our world. The sad fact is, that won’t happen. The way things are, peace has to come from within and at the moment that appears to be the only way it’ll come. I have planned a few simple [...]

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On the first day of each year, I tend to follow tradition, make a list of new year plans. And every year, like the rest of the world, I fail to keep my promise. Now older and wiser, this time I decided to first research the true meaning of the word 'resolution.' To begin my study, I consulted Merriam Webster. Meanings such as undertake, decide, and so on came as no surprise. But I was shocked to realize that I had overlooked the word’s most significant connotation, one that had a direct affect on me. Before beginning to work, I [...]

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Now What?

The Christmas lights outside continue to blink, and the tree seems relieved to have safely delivered all the gifts it had guarded. I brace myself for the time when my children will go back to their busy lives. Soon it will be the New Year, a time to reflect on what is behind us, and what we can do to improve life. Last night, after nearly two months of having abandoned CNN, we watched Fareed Zakaria’s special, “The Obama Legacy.” Great program. Wrong one for a holiday! Halfway through, I felt as sick as I had felt on November 8 [...]

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