It isn’t the New Year, yet, but I am well into making my list of resolutions, some of which I hope to achieve. This irrational enthusiasm is an epidemic for which there is no vaccine and while most of us only make a list in theory, some succeed to actually keep the promise, though soon both groups tend to to forget all about it. So here I am, walking around my garden and thinking, planning, and smiling at the possibilities ahead.
As always, the item that tops my list is to help others, be charitable, and try to make a difference in someone’s life. But there’s more and although the No.1 never changes, I find myself moving the others up and down the priority list. “I’ll soon finish one of the two books I’ve been writing,” remains somewhere at the top and “Will paint more this year and hold an exhibit soon,” is another.
None of the goals seem different from what was there the year before, but somehow, I feel more energized. There’s a whirlwind in my head. “Keep walking 10,000+steps/day.” “Start your spring cleaning now!” And yes, as always, “Lose some weight.” I may not do it all, but knowing myself, I have no doubt that many of the goals will be achieved.
Life is what we choose to see. Walking around my little garden now that the leaves are gone, I find a forgotten pomegranate on the tree that only bore three this year. I could be sad at discovering it so late, but notice how it has provided a feast for the birds. I’m happy they had their share as this is more their garden than mine. Then just before opening the kitchen door, I marvel at my incredible lemon tree which can barely hold the load it has produced. “Time to feed it,” I make a mental note, aware that pleasure is more in what we can provide than what we receive.
So, like everyone else, I begin the year with newfound enthusiasm, even though the goals are a continuation of what I aspired the year before. The road is long and I can only walk it one step at a time. When tired, I shall remind myself of Churchill who said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”


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Zohreh Ghahremani

Author, speaker and painter Zohreh (Zoe) Ghahremani

Zoe is working on numerous new books, public speaking and working on paintings, living by her motto that “life is short, but the road is wide!”

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