There is a bird chirping at my window. The first time I heard its tweets, I was filled with joy, but after a while, found it quite annoying. I did not appreciate the distraction, especially while working on a chapter that required my undivided attention. I don’t know enough about birds to identify its species. Once the novelty wore off, I only saw the negative side of it, the disruption, annoying pitch, and the monotonous repetition.

Yesterday, the bird did not return and all of a sudden, I wanted him back! The thought surprised even me. As I sat waiting, I thought of all the other possibilities out there. Fate could have put me anywhere in this wide world. I could have been a writer who lived near a construction site, close to a fire station, even by a railroad. Or much worse, I could be deaf! How fortunate I was that of all the windows, this lone bird had selected mine for his home, that he sang his best for me, and that I could still hear him. The little chirping bird and his annoying high pitch was a gift I had neglected to open.

Today, my bird and his silly song are back again, and yes, he is making it hard to focus. But now, I put my pen down, listen, and savor every note. It is time to appreciate simple pleasures and my little bird is here to remind me of the many ways we can deal with what life has to offer.

Zohreh Ghahremani

Author, speaker and painter Zohreh (Zoe) Ghahremani

Zoe is working on numerous new books, public speaking and working on paintings, living by her motto that “life is short, but the road is wide!”

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