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Truth or Fiction?

When you are a new face on the big writing scene of a city, your support comes mainly from devoted readers. Once again, it is a great honor to be invited by my writing community and our prestigious library to be part of a wonderful program. I hope you will come to support me and please help us spread the word. Truth or Fiction? The San Diego Central Library invites you to a six-part series of reading/storytelling by a featured author with audience participation. This event is hosted by Amy Wallen, author of Moon Pies and Movie Stars. Following a [...]

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The gift of each morning

The gift of each morning is now a hummingbird that has chosen our new market lights as his hangout. Every morning, he comes to keep me company. He is so feather-like that the wire doesn't even move at his landing and takeoff. Today, I decided he deserved to have a name. So meet Fluky. The word is often misused, but if you don't have a dictionary nearby, here are a few of its meanings: Fortunate, blessed, chance, accidental, timely, and auspicious. I think it's a good name, don't you? I promise more pictures when / if I can get closer [...]

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