New Home, New Life!

New Home, New Life! Do you remember the thrill of moving into a new home? At first, you may miss the simplicity of your smaller old house but oh how overwhelming are the dreamy promises! Do you remember the joy of throwing out the unwanted and wondering about the possibilities in the abundance of space before you? You start looking for new items, make your surroundings more familiar and feel as if a new life is going to begin. Well, that is precisely how I feel as I give my career a new home and a chance to be more [...]

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Women Empowered

As I share the good works of a variety of non-profit organizations and charities, it becomes clear how most people in our community wish to help others in one way or another. But help is needed everywhere and one can't be there for them all. Most times you are able to find a good cause, join charity organizations by request, and even pick favorites. However, there are times when you are shown the way without having even thought about it. That was how I came across my favorite prayer – albeit a self-invented one! "Dear God, if I can be [...]

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THE MOON DAUGHTER: Launch Party for Zoe

Start: May 1 2013 7:30 pm 2012 One Book, One San Diego author of Sky of Red Poppies, Zohreh Ghahremani returns to Warwick’s on Wednesday, May 1st at 7:30pm to discuss and sign her newest novel The Moon Daughter. Rana is certain that her third child will be a boy. She has two daughters, yet a husband who demands a son. When she gives birth to another girl, Yalda, the impact on her marriage is immediate. In 1970s Iran, living within a culture where marital rights and gender roles are maintained with tradition and fervor, Rana is pushed to make the [...]

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A New Life

I hold The Moon Daughter with both hands, press it to my heart, and think, “it’s just like having another baby!” True as it may be that I have been down this path before, the excitement is all new. What is the destiny of my newborn? Will I be any good at helping it find its own path? But despite my anxiety, everything seems to work out, signs are all there, and I know the time is right for my Moon Daughter to face the world. Last night, the novel had its first public appearance, which was scheduled long before [...]

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